Episode 20: Music of 2018 Part 2

So this is the final episode of the year and it is, as billed, the second of a two part retrospective of 2018. It follows on thematically from part 1 (episode 19) but I suppose that’s self-evident from the title. But what I really mean is that it’s music that I thought was exceptional that was (mostly) released in the calendar year 2018. I say mostly, because I got confused and included a record from 2017 that I discovered in 2018. Doesn’t really matter though as it’s a really good record but just thought I’d get the qualifier in early!

Captured in this episode and the last is some of the music that has really set me alight and inspired me. And here’s the thing: what with the time it takes pulling every instalment of Threadwork together, for the most part of 2018 I didn’t listen to as much new music as I would normally. I simply haven’t had the time to really get stuck into new music as I would’ve liked - especially in the house and techno world where I think you have to dig a bit more to find what really shines for you as an individual. So there’s a fair few things that have come from the radio and other bits I’ve just picked up in the ether. Things from labels and artists I’ll always check out because I know they’ll be interesting but also from Spotify algorithms. And the latter is probably an important one to name-check because I reckon there might be a bit of a stigma about citing that as a source of discovery. Maybe I’m wrong about that but either way I reckon I’ve worked the system sufficiently to get Spotify to ‘push’ me things that are of a high quality and that I dig.

Anyway, none of the above matters other than for context. As I always, I just hope that some of these records strike a chord with you. And if they do, the links to purchase them can be found below.

Have a great end of year, thank you so much for listening (and if you’re new to it all then have a work through the back cat - it’s all good stuff) and I’ll catch you at one point in 2019.



Tracklisting w/ links to purchase, if I can find them (these are directly related to the artists where possible but not always). Also, I take no responsibility for the links. Just trying to help… 

Other Lands – Chapel Perilous Closed [Firecracker Recordings] (2018) https://firecrackerrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/firec025-pattern-transform

Talaboman – Safe Changes taken from The Night Land [R&S] (2017!! oops) https://talaboman.bandcamp.com/album/the-night-land

Ross From Friends – Don’t Wake Dad taken from Family Portrait [Brainfeeder] (2018) https://rossfromfriends.bandcamp.com/album/family-portrait-2

Kamaal Williams – High Roller taken from The Return [Black Focus Records] (2018) https://kamaalwilliams.bandcamp.com/album/the-return

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Hunnybee taken from Sex & Food [Jagjaguwar] (2018) https://unknown-mortal-orchestra.bandcamp.com/album/sex-food

Soccer Mommy - Last Girl taken from Clean [Fat Possum] (2018) https://sopharela.bandcamp.com/track/last-girl-3

Underworld & Iggy Pop – Bells & Circles taken from Teatime Dub Encounters [Beat Records] (2018) https://www.7digital.com/artist/underworld/release/teatime-dub-encounters-8177914

Arrangement – Coconut Mango taken from Vol. 01 Cassette [Arrangement] (2018) https://arrangementstudio.com/archive/music/arrangement-vol-01-cassette/

Leon Vynehall – It Breaks (Chapter IX) taken from Nothing Is Still [Ninja Tune] (2018) https://leonvynehall.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-is-still

Janek Schaefer – Tree At The End Of The World taken from What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing [Temporary Residence Limited] (2018) https://janekschaefer.bandcamp.com/

Anthony Naples – Spiral taken from Take Me With You [Good Morning Tapes] (2018) https://anthonynaples.bandcamp.com/album/take-me-with-you

Paul McCartney – Station II taken from Egypt Station [Capitol] (2018) https://www.7digital.com/artist/paul-mccartney/release/egypt-station-8343691

Dirty Projectors – (I Wanna) Feel It All (feat. Dear Nora) taken from Lamp Lit Prose [Domino] (2018) https://dirtyprojectors.bandcamp.com/album/lamp-lit-prose

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Electronic Series Vol 1: Abstractions [Touch The Plants] (2018) https://kaitlynaureliasmith.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-series-vol-1-abstractions

Childish Gambino – This Is America [mc DJ Recording] (2018) https://www.7digital.com/yourmusic/artist/childish-gambino/release/this-is-america-7831746/7831746


Spotify episode playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/rosscale/playlist/37nMD8pku2Wk7SznsAfuQm?si=HdWA9ISRRJGVbcfDLtt10A

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