Episode 3 - Threadwork: About People

I don't know how many pieces of music have been written about people over the years. Countless no doubt. And this episode of Threadwork contains music spanning 6 decades that was either written about, for or references real people. Apart from one track, which stretches it a bit, but it’s a good record so let’s not make too much of a fuss about it all. All of the records in this episode are ones that I'm a huge fan of but it wasn't until I did a bit of research into a few that I wanted to check my facts on that the human element really came to the fore. And that just added greater depth to the beauty and emotion that I'd always felt from them to start with. Hopefully you'll enjoy them too.






Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day & John Coltrane https://bleep.com/release/50435-gil-scott-heron-pieces-of-a-man

Manitoba - Hendrix With Ko https://caribouband.bandcamp.com/track/hendrix-with-ko-2

Anushka - Kendrick https://anushka.bandcamp.com/album/kendrick

Luke Solomon feat. Jon Marsh - Lonely Dancer (Dance Away The Pain) https://djlukesolomon.bandcamp.com/track/lonely-dancer-dance-away-the-pain

DJ Boring - Winona https://e-beamz.bandcamp.com/album/winona-ep

(excerpt) The Beatles – Taxman

Prince – The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker

Jaco Pastorius - Portrait Of Tracy http://jacopastorius.com/music/jaco-pastorius/

Marden Hill - Bardot

John Coltrane - Naima

The Beatles - Julia https://www.thebeatlesonline.co.uk/thebeatles/CD/The-White-Album-Remastered/0I480H2T000

Pearl Jam - Jeremy https://pearljam.com/music/song/jeremy

Monty Python - The Philosophers Song https://www.montypythononlinestore.com/*/Music/Monty-Python-Sings-Again/5NPA0G1J000

!!! - Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story) https://boomkat.com/products/me-and-guiliani-down-by-the-school-yard

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here