Episode 5 - Threadwork: Places Part 1

So this episode is the first of a 2 parter but could easily have been more. And this is because the theme is places - defined as geographical locations barring the odd exception. The long list for this theme was probably the biggest to date and it became apparent pretty quickly that one episode wasn't going to cut it. So whilst this part and part 2 which will be released in a fortnight aren't physically linked they are spiritually and were completed within the same couple of sessions.

I get into it in the episode itself but this started to crystalize one of the threads that run through my music - the emotional reaction provoked by instrumental music. That feeling extends beyond instrumentals clearly but perhaps it's easier to get them feels from lyrics yet it's slightly more intangible when it comes to primarily instrumental compositions. There'll be more to come on this subject in the future, I'm sure. But for now I hope you dig.




Spotify episode playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/rosscale/playlist/22naPXG6Vehb2t97WiBZjR?si=6YbV83wuSkqVHkDCxCjF4w

Threadwork is presented by Ross Cale.

Huge thanks to Bod for production support.



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