Episode 7 - Threadwork: Games

Here we are with episode 7 of Threadwork. This wasn't the episode that was originally scheduled but that doesn't mean that it's some poor substitute - rather it's one that I'm really happy to bring up the batting order. 

Originally, I wanted to talk to a mate of mine in the gaming industry in order to get him to pull together games-influenced music. But he didn't really fancy it and I, at the same time, found myself thinking of records that fit the theme. And so the stars aligned and, after a few sessions in the studio you now have the episode in front of you. One that I'm very proud to offer for your consideration.




Spotify episode playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/rosscale/playlist/2La7iescssOcPZrZkvZ5Zw?si=q5Im217RS4KS9lWP1F1yMQ

Threadwork is presented by Ross Cale.

Huge thanks to Bod for production support.



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