Episode 11 - Threadwork: From The Vaults: Glimpse (2002)

I've been tidying up the house recently and desperately trying to get rid of STUFF but whilst going through the STUFF I found a load of CDs in one of those massive CD wallets. And it just so happened to contain a load of old mixes I put together in the early/mid-2000s. Very few had a tracklisting and I only vaguely remember actually recording a couple of them but there they were nonetheless. Anyway, I popped a couple on and was surprised at how... well, Threadworky they were. That's either a good thing in that I remain consistent in my approach to compiling mixes (and Threadwork is among many other things a bit of an excuse to have a mix) or a less good thing in that I haven't developed at all in years.

Anyway, I take Threadwork seriously and I wouldn't just put up any old rubbish and call it an episode. And given there isn't a single track on here that I wouldn't include in any other instalment I was compiling today I thought I would post this up as a release.

It'll be good to get your thoughts.




Spotify episode playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/rosscale/playlist/3MsVwndTMepyexkMASGnom?si=J-ZQmmzJTKqriQJbIgpGJg

Threadwork is presented by Ross Cale.

Huge thanks to Bod for production support.




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