Episode 26: Myths & Fiction

For the 26th instalment of Threadwork here’s a selection of amazing music that uses fiction as its inspiration. Although it wasn’t until I started pulling together all these pieces of music that I realized that much of it came from mythology (Greek predominantly) and so I had to expand the title to make the distinction. And this is fine. The ‘themes’ are supposed to work for the music not the other way round - it’s not meant to be a race to pack in as much highbrow stuff as possible - it’s very much about trying to give a coherent framework for the music I want to play. Although I’m starting to reach the stage where the themes are becoming a little restrictive but I can’t quite find a way to break away from them. Yet.

Anyway, this inside baseball stuff is all well and good but it doesn’t mean a bloody thing. What does matter is that some of the music included in this episode is, in my hugely biased opinion, some of the finest you could hope to hear and myself and Producer Bod are really pleased with how it’s turned out. If you’re a fan of mid-2000s left-of-centre house music you’ll be set here. Likewise if you’re prone to tearing up when you hear classical strings covering an already emotional fist-pumping slice of French indie-pop then you’ll be in your element too. And if you like both of those things and more then, hey, we should hang sometime.



Tracklisting w/ links to purchase - these are directly related to the artists and labels wherever possible.

Other Lands – Descent Into Nasqueron taken from Pattern Transform [Firecracker Recordings] (2018) https://firecrackerrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/firec025-pattern-transform

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit taken from Surrealistic Pillow [RCA Victor] (1967) https://uk.7digital.com/artist/jefferson-airplane/release/surrealistic-pillow-293845

Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita taken from Parallax [4AD] (2011) https://bleep.com/release/33093-atlas-sound-parallax

Battles – Atlas (DJ Koze Remix) [Warp Records] (2007) https://bleep.com/release/976

Hercules & Love Affair – Classique #2 [DFA] (2007) https://uk.7digital.com/artist/hercules-and-love-affair/release/classique-2-131862

Freestyle Orchestra – Odyssey [MAW Records] (1998) https://www.beatport.com/release/odyssey-im-ready/29225

King Geedorah – Fazers taken from Take Me To Your Leader [Big Dada Recordings] (2003) https://bleep.com/release/11385-king-geedorah-take-me-to-your-leader

Laurent Garnier – The Sound Of The Big Babou taken from Unreasonable Behaviour [F Communications] (1999) https://bleep.com/release/13084-laurent-garnier-unreasonable-behaviour

Giuseppe De Luca – Dorian Gray taken from Barry 7’s Connectors 2 [Lo Recordings] (2002) – track originally released in 1970 https://lorecordings.bandcamp.com/track/giuseppe-de-luca-dorian-gray

Stefan Goldmann – Sleepy Hollow (Version) [Innervisions] (2006) https://stefangoldmann.bandcamp.com/album/sleepy-hollow

Phoenix – Lisztomania taken from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix [V2] (2009) https://music.apple.com/gb/album/wolfgang-amadeus-phoenix/646817515

The Hollywood Symphony & Roger Neill – Lisztomania [Amazon] (2016) https://uk.7digital.com/artist/the-hollywood-symphony/release/mozart-in-the-jungle-seasons-1-and-2-an-amazon-music-original-soundtrack-5646004


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