First post, what's it all about, details, Episode 0

OK, hello - how's it going? I hope you're well? I'm alright, thanks. Trying to get to grips with building the website and making things look half decent. It's a challenge when you don't really have an eye for this sort of activity and even when most of the tools are there for you I'm still struggling with my own brain saying, 'stop, stop, this is rubbish, you're a fool, you can't do this'. 

Brain enemy might be right but I'm doing it nonetheless. 

So, the podcast is nearly ready to go. We're about halfway through the month of March at the time of writing and I'm aiming to have Episode 0 out in the next couple of weeks. Episode 0 serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it's a standalone explanation of what the podcast is all about and will be about 4 minutes long once I've cut the audio down but also it's used to create a sort of template for future episodes. As far as I can tell you create all the details, descriptions, tags, spiel and whathaveyou about the podcast and then you just add future episodes from there. Essentially, Episode 0 allows me to get that groundwork laid.

The heavy-lifting on the first couple of episodes proper is more or less complete and I think I'll aim for a fortnightly release schedule. That seems like a cheque I'm able to cash as opposed to a weekly schedule, at least for now. 

So, what is the Threadwork Podcast all about? Essentially, it's an attempt to work out what it is that links all the music I like together. What's the thread that runs through it all? I have theories as I've been thinking about this for a while but as I'm not a scholar of music or have any technical knowledge regarding the structure of music it's pretty ill-defined - no more than a crude cave painting as opposed to fine art. 

Of course, Threadwork also doubles up as a way to just play music and share songs, tracks and other audio that I love, which has always been a supremely fun thing to do. I've DJ'd on and off (mostly off in recent times) for 20+ years and the thrill of discovering and subsequent joy of sharing music has never diminished. And with the medium of podcasts being more or less barrier free it seemed like the way to go. 

I'll have guests too, sharing their stories and music and that's a thing I'm very excited about. 

A word to the images you can currently see on the site. These are just works in progress at the moment and will be updated in due course. There are a couple of things in the pipeline that I'm really excited about - one I can directly influence and I need to pull my finger out on, the other I have to wait patiently for. 

Anyway, as a first post this'll about do it. All that's left to share is the music that I'm planning to use as the bed for the intros to each episode. It's a track I've been a fan of ever since I first heard it on X-Press II's Late Night Sesssions II and it's always stuck with me. I think it'll work nicely.

Talk soon - R.