Coming together, glimpse behind the curtain

How do? A quick update on all things Threadwork.

This week myself and producer Bod spent some of our time doing a bit of mastering and overlaying some of my recorded vocals (as it were) over the already finalized music. What I mean by finalized music is that we've already pulled together the tracks, how they're mixed or overlaid for a few of the episodes already. And because the vocals bit is the less easy part, I'm recording those after the event. We'll work like this until it becomes more natural to do the two together.

I'm keen that when the podcast launches it's dependable - there will be an episode when there is supposed to be one.  At the moment it takes approximately 2-3 weeks per episode sans vox though there's concurrent activity on episodes. Having a backlog will allow us to have a store of episodes to release whilst new ones are being worked on.

I've started approaching potential guests too so let's see what happens there. More news when there is some.

That'll do for now. Here's a record I thought about the other day. I'd forgotten just how good it was.

Cheers - R